South Orange CERT General Meeting - April 1, 2015

posted May 12, 2015, 11:05 AM by Ted Marcoux   [ updated May 12, 2015, 11:15 AM ]

(Meeting took place at Ricalton's, 19 Valley St., South Orange)

Agenda and Meeting Notes:

  • Review progress on 2015 SOCERT Organizational goals

We have made substantial progress on all objectives: coordination with neighboring CERTs, establishing a marketing and recruitment effort, and developing our procedures (admin. kit etc.); thanks to all those who have accomplish these major objectives.

  • CERT Basic training-South Orange, Seton Hall

We have five participants in our Spring training. SO (and Essex County) Residents can still sign up for the remaining sessions at:

Tom Giordano at Seton Hall is running a CERT Basic training every Friday for four weeks, starting April 10. If you know of someone who would like to attend those, then contact him at: . Participants will meet the the same requirements attending either of these or can complete what they can at those sessions offered.

  • Presentation March 29th at Volunteer Summit

We presented and reached out to other organizations. We have posted our training dates to the SO Village Center Alliance.

  • South Orange Middle School Health Fair

We are gearing up for this; we have two volunteers for each hour long slot. For those who committed to these slots, please sign up at:

  • Schedule emergency shelter training

We will schedule this for early Summer and avoid yard sale, June 13. Will set this before the next general meeting.

  • Update on emergency response drill scheduled for Sept. 26

We have agreed on developing a medical triage drill and formed a planning team comprised of: Mike M., Mike T., Dan, & Brooke. Andrew will help support and provide past exercise documentation.

  • Youth wing, partnering with Scouts - Brooke Peterson, Dan Peterson

Brooke and Dan presented. This would be based on the Scouts Venturing crew- 18-21 year olds, with adult advisors. Dan and Brooke will explore this opportunity further and we will revisit in the Summer.

  • Train-the-Trainer for CERT Basic

6 volunteers interested. Plan to schedule in mid to late Fall and will revisit this at next meeting.

  • Other matters

Background checks

Form for volunteers

Clarify emergency notification and deployment method

  • Coordinating with the County

Ted and AnneMarie have agreed to take on this assignment. We will circle back to Adam with an agenda and possible dates, as well as a method for managing a common calendar of events (trainings, drills, exercises etc.).

  • Short disaster simulation

Well done by all.

  • Next meeting

Wed. June 3, 7:30-9PM at Ricalton's (see address above)